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Seeking for sustainable system through a lifestyle thinking about waste


Closing-up a society through waste materials gives us a valuable suggestion to the establishment of a sound material cycles society. Our main topics are material flow analysis and the new model developments of sound material society under the backgrounds of basic waste management technologies as well as the environmental behavior of chemicals. Since we take charge of environmental management of Kyoto University as the University's common facilities, Environment Preservation Center (EPC), we also work for the environmental and human safety in academic activities.

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Professor : Shin-ichi Sakai

  • Research Topics
    Main theme is the new model development of sound material cycles society based on the closing-up a society through waste materials. The most important aspect is the controlling persistent chemicals in material cycles and waste management.
  • Contact/ Office
    Room 225 Research Bldg. No.2, Yoshida Cmpus
    TEL +81-75-753-7706 / FAX +81-75-753-7710



Associate Professor : Yasuhiro Hirai

  • Research Topics
    Development of integrated policy assessment tools for material cycles and waste management.
  • Contact/ Office
    Room 228 Research Bldg. No.2, Yoshida Cmpus
    TEL +81-75-753-7712 / FAX +81-75-753-7710



Assistant Professor : Misuzu Asari

  • Research Topics
    Modeling study on material flows and consumer behavior.
    Construction of product management system for household hazardous waste.
  • Contact/ Office
    Room 220 Research Bldg. No.2, Yoshida Cmpus
    TEL +81-75-753-7711 / FAX +81-75-753-7710


Research Topics

Lifecycle assessments on material cycles and waste management

LCA on reduction and recycling of biomass wastes. LCA on the recycling of waste plastics containing BFRs.

Quantitative evaluation of human life style and its impact on global environmental effect

The aim of the research is to establish a society with sound material cycles and chemical control. Current themes are following two approaches.


1) System analysis of material flows

A modeling of a comprehensive material flow covering complete life cycle, an estimation of environmental burden and a verification by actual measurement information are indispensable to understand the actual material flow and to make a policy suggestion to a favorable flow. An example of research theme is the assessment of environment impacts by feasible measures, i.e. specific recycling law and reducing of toxic substances. Current candidates for those substances are polybrominated diphenyl ethers and heavy metals.

2) New model developments of sound material cycles society

Construction of sound material cycles society which reduces both natural resources consumption and environmental burden needs information collection from the view point of waste as well as applied social research utilizing new recycling technology and social system. The research is aimed to the continuous improvement system involving an analytical perspective based on material flow modeling, pilot testing on a community application, its result measurement and the feedback to both technology and system.


Figure 1 A society with sound material cycles and chemical control

Environmental preservation and safety management in education and research activities