Our Philosophy

Health, Society, and Future

Science progress has brought in substantial prosperity to human beings. Meanwhile, under such circumstance, it is true that many environmental problems have occurred to become the menace to human health and life, and natural ecosystem. In addition, as is typified in global environmental issues like climate change, we are now facing global limits in terms of development. While our society is aging with various values, there still exists another society suffering from such problems as population explosion and unsatisfactory human safety assurance. Now is the time to endeavor overcoming such environmental issues unique to region, to integrally seek for a new sustainable development society.

To respond to above demands, the Department of Environmental Engineering is promoting education and researches on various environments ranging from individual life space to regional and global environments, closely cooperating with related departments. Our specific missions are as follows:

To provide solutions for overt/covert regional environmental issues

So far, our society has brought about the deterioration of urban/natural environment including air pollution, water pollution, soil contamination, noise, waste, and damage to ecological system. It is necessary to tackle these immediate problems with long-term and wide range prospect. In our department, we aim to survey and predict the occurrence of environmental issues, develop the technology for actual solution, and propose the most efficient integrated suggestion which is acceptable to the society.

To secure the environment supporting health

Various chemical, physical, biological harmful factors including a number of chemicals and unintentionally produced substances as a result of activities pursuing convenience, have given bad influence to the health of human beings. We will conduct analysis on the behavior of such substances in the environment, and mechanism to affect human beings. We will also develop the methods to evaluate and manage such risks.  By generalizing these findings, we will secure the environment where people can live healthily and at ease, preventing the damage from such health risk factors.

To create sustainable global and regional environments

Human beings and environment compose one system with material cycles. In this department, we will establish the technologies and systems which contribute to the creation of a cyclical and coexistent society with active citizens' participation, from long-term and wide viewpoints. For various global environmental issues as well, we will design an environment where people and ecosystem can live, through the planning of countermeasures, proposing political policies as well as the development of measurement methods, modeling of the mechanism between human beings and ecosystem, quantitive analysis, and future estimation.

To establish the new environmental science

Environmental issues can be said the result of the exposure of the limit of existing science to our daily life. Namely, to solve such problems, it is necessary to create a new academic area which surpasses the existing science and conventional framework of engineering. In this department, we aim to form a general academic field which supports sustainable society while assuring the health and security of human beings. For this, we will conduct educational and research activities putting emphasis on the actual site of environmental difficulties internationally with Asia as the center, based on engineering techniques. We will also apply interdisciplinary approaches from medical science to sociology, to economics.