In the Master's program, we offer systematic and flexible curriculum which enables students to deepen and expand the specialized knowledge, such as water, atmosphere, climate change, soil, radiation, wastes, noise, ecosystem, environmental risks. Below, courses provided by the Department are listed. In addition to these courses, various courses are available university-wide.

In the Ph.D. program, thesis study is the core part, but several seminar and ORT (on the research training) courses are available.

Fundamental Courses

  • Environmental Risk Analysis
  • Urban Metabolism Engineering
  • Systems Approach on Sound Material Cycles Society
  • Water Quality Engineering
  • Water Sanitary Engineering
  • Nuclear Environmental Engineering, Adv.
  • Atmospheric and Global Environmental Engineering, Adv.

Applied Courses

  • Environmental Microbiology, Adv.
  • Advanced Environmental Health
  • Geohydro Environment Engineering. Adv.
  • Lecture on Environmental Management Leader
  • New Environmental Engineering I, Advanced
  • New Environmental Engineering II, Advanced
  • Environmental Organic Micropollutants Analysis Lab.
  • Advanced Enivironmental Engineering Lab.